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Meet Regina

Regina is not originally from North Hill. She was born and raised in small town Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington D.C. After she finished high school, she moved into the city to find a better life for herself. However, after nearly 30 years of trying to make things work in DC, she felt trapped by an endless cycle of work and bills. She lacked a strong community of believers to share her life with on Sundays and she wanted more out of life than expensive rent and endless work. One day she realized that she needed a change--and for some reason Ohio seemed like the place to start again. Regina felt like God had given her this conviction, so one day she packed up her car, her three boys, and decided to hit the road for the Midwest.

After spending a few months in Columbus struggling to find the new life she was looking for, she decided to move further North and settled in North Hill. She rented in North Hill for several years as she got settled in her new home in Akron. One day while Regina and her boys were walking through the streets of their neighborhood they spotted Urban Vision, a neighborhood ministry committed to preaching and practicing the Gospel in North Hill. Excited about finding the community that she was looking for when she left DC, Regina enrolled her boys in their after-school program and began to volunteer at UV. It was during her time at Urban Vision that Regina learned about scholarships available for her sons to attend Christian school--a dream that would have been impossible for her boys back in Washington D.C. For the first time Regina felt like she had found a place to call home.

Eventually, Regina would join the staff at UV. On her way to work each day she would pass "The Blue House". She often dreamed of one day sitting on the front porch of that house, enjoying a beautiful summer day while her boys played in the front yard. However, based on her past struggles securing affordable housing and her financial history,  Regina thought that dream would remain unfulfilled. Little did she know, but "The Blue House" was a Legacies of Success property that had been purchased and was currently being renovated for a new homeowner. After learning about Legacies of Success from a staff member at Urban Vision, Regina applied for our "Rent-to-Own" program and moved into "The Blue House" on the day before Thanksgiving. After receiving financial counseling from Legacies of Success and making monthly payments towards a future down payment, Regina is almost ready to purchase her home and realize her dream of home ownership. 

How has Legacies of Success impacted your family?

"As a single mom in DC, owning a home would have never been a possibility. This new home has given my family a boost--this really is a dream come true for me. Being a homeowner has also given my boys a greater sense of appreciation for the things we have and how hard-work is needed to be successful. I was so thankful that we got to help put some of the finishing touches on the house--now it really feels like our home. Even my extended family has been impact by Legacies of Success. We hosted Thanksgiving in our new house the day after we moved in--something that would have been impossible in the past. From these family gatherings there has been reconciliation in my family that would have never happened without this house. Several of my family members have actually moved to North Hill to experience the new opportunities that my boys and I have experienced first hand."

What would you want to tell other North Hill families who are looking for better housing about Legacies of Success?

 "Homeownership is a goal worth working for--Legacies of Success will help you achieve that goal. I would encourage them to take the first step by reaching out to Legacies of Success. Don't worry about your financial history--Legacies of Success helped me get everything in order and they can help you too. Legacies was supportive of my family every step of the way. They are doing Gospel work and they want to work alongside anyone who is looking for an opportunity to improve their family's life."